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Absolut Sensing participates in GLOC – Global Space Conference on climate change 2023

GLOC 2023

Absolut Sensing is pleased to present its GESat satellite-based greenhouse gas measurement program at GLOC2023, an event that brings together international representatives of the space world with a common goal: to work for a better world. Absolut Sensing aims to develop technologies to monitor, understand and predict climate change. The goal is to reduce pollution […]

The complementarity of satellite data dedicated to the study of greenhouse gases

The complementarity of satellite data dedicated to the study of greenhouse gases Today, global warming is a reality. The situation alarms the climate experts who are formal: the earth is warming up and at a steady pace. The greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming that is disrupting our ecosystems. Originally, the greenhouse […]

Absolut Sensing selects Nanoavionics to build demonstration satellite


ABSOLUT SENSING SELECTS NANOAVIONICS TO BUILD DEMONSTRATION SATELLITE TO BE LAUNCHED FIRST HALF OF 2024 Absolut Sensing, a subsidiary of the Groupe Absolut specialized in the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, achieves a significant milestone with the selection of satellite manufacturer Kongsberg Nanoavionics (NanoAvionics) to build its demonstration satellite dubbed “GEN1”, after a rigorous selection […]

Satellite data analysis: a solution for the future


Satellite data analysis : a solution for the future Earth observation from space has transformed our knowledge about Earth. As Thomas Pesquet mentioned during his return from space: « The Earth is a spaceship with 7 billion inhabitants launched into the vacuum of space with limited resources. We quickly realize that the Earth is very […]

Press invitation

IAC - International Astronautique Convention_ Invitation presse

Press invitation Absolut Sensing will be present at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) – Stand H4 – ANF Pavilion. From September 18 to 22, 2022. Centre des conventions – Paris, Porte de Versailles On the occasion of the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022), Absolut Sensing, a French Newspace start-up, will announce the signature […]

MoU agreement: Absolut Sensing and Kayrros for GESat

Absolut Sensing and Kayrros join forces to deploy GESat, a satellite constellation for measuring methane emissions. Absolut Sensing, opérateur de la constellation, et Kayrros, leader du traitement et de l’analyse de l’imagerie satellitaire spécialisé dans la détection et la mesure des gaz à effet de serre et de l’empreinte climatique ont signé un Memorandum of […]