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Taking advantage of the GLOC2023 – Global Space Conference on Climate Change event in Oslo, Absolut Sensing and 6 other space sector actors signed yesterday a “Declaration for a responsible space sector”. They join the European Space Agency (ESA) and the 23 other signatories of November 2022

The signatories commit to ensuring the long-term sustainability of space projects and pave the way for socially and environmentally responsible management of all space sector activities, with the aim of combating climate change and preserving life and resources for future generations.

The growing expectations of states and citizens in the face of the global challenges facing humanity encourage the signatories to strengthen their continued commitment to sustainable development on Earth. We are entering an era where it is necessary to apply the goal of technologies to combat climate change and preserve life and resources for future generations.

The main objective of the declaration is to lay the foundations for a sustainable development of the space sector while increasing the contribution of space activities to the benefit of society.


The GESat programme developed by Absolut Sensing, which aims to reduce pollution and control climate change, responds to the issues defended by this declaration. Absolut Sensing is honoured to collaborate with the space sector to sign this Declaration for a responsible space sector, sharing the same values, principles and vision.

Key actors of the European Space sector officially commit to join their forces and engage increasing concrete actions for a more responsible space sector and a sustainable development of society.