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Absolut Sensing : Monitor, understand, anticipate

Absolut Sensing :
Monitor, understand, anticipate

Developing space observation technologies to monitor, understand and predict planetary changes.

Absolut Sensing redefines miniaturized remote sensing systems integrated with smallsat platforms to provide planetary intelligence services.

Our main project: GESat.
GESat is a satellite constellation whose objective is to measure industrial pollution  to provide a reliable and accurate global measurement system of methane emissions on industrial sites.

Notre mission prioritaire est de fournir aux régulateurs et aux pollueurs un moyen de mesure fiable des émissions de gaz à effets de serre sur site industriels en proposant :

L’assistance technique

Déploiement de nos experts sur le site du client afin de l’accompagner sur diverses problématiques.

L’étude technique

Remise de diagnostic et de recommandations stratégiques en matière de géo-intelligence et de contrôle de l’emprunte carbone.

Les solutions clés-en-main

Développement et livraison de solutions d’imagerie spatiale de pointe et des services de mesure des émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

We offer near real-time data collection and exploitation and ensure reliable and rigorous data feedback for the civil, military and scientific fields.

Our proficiency also ensures the design and proposal of effective solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, especially in the field of energy transition. All our expertise is based on the plurality and complementarity of our employees’ skills.

Our technical teams are spread over two sites:

  • Grenoble : for the head office and the mechanical-thermal design office.

  • Toulouse : from the home to the system engineering and GES department.


Shareholder, has been working for more than 20 years in renewable energies around energy and ecological transition and supporting technological innovation.