Absolut Sensing and Kayrros join forces to deploy GESat, a satellite constellation for measuring methane emissions.

Absolut Sensing, opérateur de la constellation, et Kayrros, leader du traitement et de l’analyse de l’imagerie satellitaire spécialisé dans la détection et la mesure des gaz à effet de serre et de l’empreinte climatique ont signé un Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exclusif.

The fight against global warming involves reducing man-made methane (CH4) emissions. We must act quickly: CH4 is more than 80 times more powerful than CO2 in its ability to sequester heat during the first 20 years. To enable regulators to monitor and industry to reduce their methane emissions, it is essential to be able to measure precisely and on a daily basis the emitting industrial sites covering the whole planet.

An exclusive cooperation agreement has been signed between our two companies to deploy and distribute the GESat satellite constellation products. Absolut Sensing, as operator of the constellation, will provide the remote sensing system and the first links of the image processing chain, which Kayrros will further develop and distribute to users.


Antoine Rostand, President of Kayrros, comments on the subject:

“Our partnership represents the ideal alliance of two champions of satellite innovation — respectively in the complementary fields of sensor launch and algorithmic data exploitation. Kayrros, through its Methane Watch platform, already ensures the systematic detection of super-emitters from European Space Agency data. Our partnership with Absolut Sensing allows us to deepen this detection capability and extend it to much finer thresholds, thus ensuring global coverage of a gas that constitutes one of the greatest climate threats on the planet. Together, we will help eliminate these leaks, whether they are small or large, constant or intermittent – and thus pass on to future generations a safer and healthier environment than it is today.”


Tristan Laurent, CEO of Absolut Sensing explains:

“We believe in a world where human activity no longer destroys our Planet, but preserves it. That is why our mission at Absolut Sensing is to develop the technologies necessary to achieve this ideal. We are delighted with the signing of this strategic partnership, which will accelerate the deployment of our satellite constellation and thus the transition to a more environmentally friendly industrial activity. The combination of Absolut Sensing’s and Kayrros’ technological lead in miniaturised cryogenic hyperspectral instrumentation and algorithms applied to satellite climate data respectively will enable us to offer regulators and industrialists a detection and monitoring service. quantification of single methane emissions, complementary to scientific missions”.



La complémentarité des savoir-faire pour une  coopération unique.

Absolut Sensing développe les technologies nécessaires pour surveiller, comprendre et anticiper les changements d’échelle de la planète. Nous concevons, intégrons et opérons des systèmes de télédétection cryogénique hyperspectraux miniaturisés, avec pour mission première le déploiement de la constellation satellitaire GESat. 


Kayrros est un spécialiste de l’analyse de l’imagerie satellitaire et des technologies d’observation de la terre et le leader mondial de la production de données climatiques en temps réel à l’usage des secteurs industriel, financier et gouvernemental et du grand public. Ses technologies de pointe fondée sur l’intelligence artificielle permettent l’exploitation systématique de données multi-sources dont l’imagerie satellitaire pour produire les mesures fiables et standardisées qui sont la base de toute action climatique. Kayrros maintient des bureaux à Paris, Houston, New York, Londres, Bangalore et Singapour.

Pour plus d’information, veuillez visiter www.kayrros.com.