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Absolut Sensing is pleased to present its GESat satellite-based greenhouse gas measurement program at GLOC2023, an event that brings together international representatives of the space world with a common goal: to work for a better world.

Absolut Sensing aims to develop technologies to monitor, understand and predict climate change. The goal is to reduce pollution through our GESat program, a constellation of satellites to measure greenhouse gases, such as methane.

Grégoire Hein, Payload Lead at Absolut Sensing has presented a abstract “GESat: Supporting the establishment of a Near-Real Time methane emissions monitoring system”.
This exchange was an opportunity to present our greenhouse gas measurement system.
As a satellite constellation operator, Absolut Sensing collects and provides government agencies and companies with reliable methane concentration data to enable them to respectively regulate and control their emissions:

  •  Our constellation of microsatellites collects daily measurements of methane emissions. A processing chain on board the satellites also allows us to provide a near-real time alert messaging service to emitting companies.

  • Our goal is to redefine the state of the art in methane emission detection and quantification. By miniaturizing our CRYASSY cryogenic sensor technology, we are able to reach a detection threshold below 50kg/CH4/hour.

  • By combining our proprietary GESat methane data with very high resolution optical satellite data from space agencies, we are able to independently validate the methane inventories of major industrial polluters and to provide our clients with predictive emission models by asset class.

Taking advantage of GLOC 2023 event in Oslo, Absolut Sensing and the other actors from the space sector have gathered to sign a Statement for a Responsible Space Sector to express their commitment to contribute to the long-term sustainability of space projects and pave the way to work towards the socially and environmentally responsible management of all activities within the space sector.
The main objective of the Statement is to provide a foundation for the sustainable development of the space sector while increasing the contribution of space activities to the benefit of society.
Absolut Sensing is honoured to collaborate with space stakeholders and ESA in the signature of this Statement for a Responsible Space Sector.