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Absolut Sensing participates in GLOC – Global Space Conference on climate change 2023

GLOC 2023

Absolut Sensing is pleased to present its GESat satellite-based greenhouse gas measurement program at GLOC2023, an event that brings together international representatives of the space world with a common goal: to work for a better world. Absolut Sensing aims to develop technologies to monitor, understand and predict climate change. The goal is to reduce pollution […]

Hyperspectral imaging

Hyperspectral imaging Each being, whether living or mineral, absorbs and then reflects part of the light: this is its spectral signature. With the naked eye, we perceive this reflected energy through three primary colors: red, green and blue (RGB). To access a larger part of the spectrum, including ultraviolet and infrared, it’s necessary to use […]

The complementarity of satellite data dedicated to the study of greenhouse gases

The complementarity of satellite data dedicated to the study of greenhouse gases Today, global warming is a reality. The situation alarms the climate experts who are formal: the earth is warming up and at a steady pace. The greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming that is disrupting our ecosystems. Originally, the greenhouse […]

Absolut Sensing selects Nanoavionics to build demonstration satellite


ABSOLUT SENSING SELECTS NANOAVIONICS TO BUILD DEMONSTRATION SATELLITE TO BE LAUNCHED FIRST HALF OF 2024 Absolut Sensing, a subsidiary of the Groupe Absolut specialized in the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, achieves a significant milestone with the selection of satellite manufacturer Kongsberg Nanoavionics (NanoAvionics) to build its demonstration satellite dubbed “GEN1”, after a rigorous selection […]

Satellite data analysis: a solution for the future


Satellite data analysis : a solution for the future Earth observation from space has transformed our knowledge about Earth. As Thomas Pesquet mentioned during his return from space: « The Earth is a spaceship with 7 billion inhabitants launched into the vacuum of space with limited resources. We quickly realize that the Earth is very […]